What is our aim?

  • to welcome to Kettering or the surrounding area ONE family of refugees. This family will allocated to us by the government, and will be from Syria or other countries in that region and have at least one sick or otherwise vulnerable member
  • to find the family housing, English lessons, cultural orientation, schooling, access to NHS healthcare and support in finding employment so that they can be fully part of the local community

Is this a government scheme?

Yes. We will be part of the Community Sponsorship Scheme. This is a Government initiative overseen by the Home Office.

How is the scheme funded?

The support provided to refugees is entirely volunteer led, and finances to support their rent and food requirements is funded by charitable donations. That’s why we need as many people to get involved and offer their time and energy to help us fundraise to make this brilliant project a reality.

Will the family be a drain on scarce local resources?

We understand valid concerns about our limited council resources and that supporting additional families might impact this. However, as stated above, the day-to-day finances needed to support the project is generated through charitable donations and local fundraisers, so the family we help won’t require council funding.

As refugees, they have the right to State benefits and the right to work. The Government also has funds to help local education and healthcare providers. But since we are only taking on one family, the impact on local services will be very, very minimal.

Will the family be a security risk?

No. The family will have been registered as refugees with the United Nation High Commission for Refugees, undergone appraisal by the International Organisation for Migration and vetted by the Home Office before they arrive.

Who is involved in Kettering Refugee Assistance?

We are local people from different backgrounds and beliefs who are united in wanting to help in this small way to relieve the suffering of innocent people caught up in a brutal civil war.

How can I help?

  • You can do a local fundraiser!
  • You can attend one of our meetings to find out more about how you can help
  • You can follow us on Facebook and get involved in upcoming events
  • You can donate (and get your friends and family to donate!). We need to raise £9,000 to be part of the Community Sponsorship Scheme.
  • You can help us support the family directly by offering help regarding the following areas: housing, welfare and benefits, medical services, education, ESOL, local employment, local services & community groups & a number of other areas

How can I contact you?

Click here to contact us via email. Alternatively you can contact us by phone or post using the details below:

Telephone: (01536) 412511

Post: Kettering Refugee Assistance, 62 Pipers Hill Road, Kettering NN15 7NH

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