Kettering Refugee Assistance

“Many of us feel helpless and frustrated with how the refugee situation has been handled globally. Community Sponsorship puts the power back in our hands and allows us to make a real difference – to take action.”

What is Kettering Refugee Assistance?

We are a charity set up by local people wanting to help in this small way to relieve the suffering of innocent people caught up in a brutal civil war. Working with RESET UK to set up a Community Sponsorship program, we hope to welcome one refugee family to our town of Kettering.

We are all from different backgrounds and beliefs but united in our aim to support and welcome this family, helping them with:

  • housing
  • English lessons
  • cultural orientation
  • schooling
  • access to NHS healthcare
  • & support in finding employment

so that they can be fully part of the local community. We believe that everyone has a right to feel safe and secure, and we can’t wait to offer our assistance to whichever family is allocated to our town.

Welcome word on wall in bright colours happy picture

How can I help?

  • You can join us! Once the family has arrived we will need lots of volunteers to help welcome them to our lovely town of Kettering, and we would love to have as many people on hand as possible.
  • You can send us a donation. We need to raise £9,000 to be part of the Community Sponsorship Scheme. We will shortly have a donation link available, so if you wish to help in this way, please do watch this space, or follow us on Facebook.

“What this project has done on a local level, as a community – it has brought us closer together.” – KRA Co-Founder